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A n c h o r i n g  t h e  H i g h e r  F r e q u e n c i e s
27 July 2010 – 8:29am | sensipeter

Sunday, 25 July, 2010 (posted 26 July, 2010)

This message came from The Council of 12 on July 10, the date of the global “Healing of the Waters” meditation channeling. They were speaking to the group attending, but also to light workers everywhere who seek to create a more light-filled world. Right now is a very pivotal time for all, and in the coming months, The Council of 12 will be addressing and facilitating healing remedies at our worldwide channeling events. – Selacia 7/25/10

You are living in a world that is in spiritual crisis. You have known about this crisis for some time, for you are one of those who volunteered to be at the forefront during Earth’s great shift. You knew that this lifetime would be unlike any other, and that it would hold both great opportunities and immense challenges.

Your earlier lifetimes prepared you for this pioneering role, and for facing and resolving crises of all shapes and sizes. Because of the spiritual veils, and the normal tendency to forget what you knew and did before, you don’t remember having had all of this training!

We tell you here today, though, that you have had lots of experience with facing the unknown. You have had warrior training–not just to go into physical battle like the typical human often does–but to engage successfully as a spiritual warrior.

You as Spiritual Warrior

A spiritual warrior understands what true power is and knows how to use it. A spiritual warrior learns about boundaries, balance, bravery, and how to build bridges of light. He or she becomes skilled in working with such energies.

There are levels of proficiency, developed over time. Most skills are developed over a long succession of lifetimes, during which the spiritual warrior is faced with repeated challenges and obstacles. Sometimes you will have one skill more developed than others. That’s okay. It’s a natural part of your uniqueness to excel more quickly in some areas.

Keep in mind, though, that in order to be at the forefront like you are this lifetime, you needed to have developed at least some of each of the basic skills in earlier lifetimes. Some of those skills may be rusty this time around, but you did lay a foundation for them.

Go easy on yourself, then, for sometimes feeling like you are playing with only part of your deck of cards! You wouldn’t be here now if you could not discover how to assemble your full deck, and make it work for you.

The Record in Your DNA

You, as a Divine Changemaker, have the ability to do this. You are encoded to do it. Your DNA has a record of this encoding, too. You are encoded to adapt to change with a higher consciousness. You are encoded to navigate the unknown with your heart. Deep within your memory, you have a knowing of what it’s like to live fully from your heart.

You have a longing to live in a world where people honor life, respect nature, and understand the sacred connection of all things. What you are seeing in the Gulf of Mexico is a devaluing of what you value, a misunderstanding of resources, and a lack of heart. The Gulf oil spill is one of the biggest wake up calls yet from the planet herself, demonstrating the urgent need for humanity to come back into balance.

It is disturbing, of course, to witness such devastation and to see the waters and sea life suffering. You feel it deeply, in part, because you know that life everywhere is connected. The ocean is not really separate from you. The oil-covered pelicans, dolphins, and sea turtles are not separate from you, either.

You know that you are not isolated from the ramifications of what has occurred–even if you live far away from the Gulf. You also know, deep within your being, that there is a very big opportunity here–an opening with the potential to catalyze the greater awakening needed to shift your entire planet into light.

The Gulf of Mexico: Wake up Call of the Highest Order

This Gulf of Mexico tragedy has that potential. It is a wake up call of the highest order–put in motion by Mother Earth herself and by the natural world in all of its forms.

Remember that there would be no need for wake up calls like this one if humanity’s destiny was predetermined. There would be no need for the drama of this wake up call if all life was destined to end soon. Your life is not predetermined. Fear-based predictions of this scenario are nonsense.

People have a choice. Humanity at large has a choice. The future of humanity is at a tipping point, and the crossroads will not go unnoticed. It can’t be covered up by deceit or by withholding information. It can’t be ignored or swept under the carpet. There is no carpet big enough to hide it.

The crossroads is now too large to be hidden from the masses. People from all walks of life are impacted by this latest wake up call. It doesn’t matter where a person lives, or what his or her politics or religion are.

What’s happening now is catalyzing a reconnection of the dots within peoples’ psyche–a remembering of sacred principles, and a questioning of things that were simply accepted as fact before.

A New Sense of Caring

Even before this happened, people in modern times have become more educated about what’s going on in the world. This has meant that a sense of caring could develop. It’s natural to begin caring about things and people when you become aware of them.

Caring is connected with compassion and the feminine principle. These qualities have been building within humanity during recent decades, despite evidence to the contrary.

Human beings really are becoming more caring and more kind. After all, these attributes are not something totally new for humans to learn. They are wired within your DNA. You simply need to remember them and discover how to apply them in your life.

Light Codes with Unique Mandalas

During our time together today, we will be helping you with this remembering, and with anchoring light codes within your body and in key locations around the world. These light codes will become a new template for the manifestation of spirit on Earth. They will include a template for the Divine feminine, updated for where humanity is now so that it’s more accessible to everyone.

The light codes will also include unique mandalas with the frequency of Divine love, to be transmitted to the waters of the Earth and to each one of you participating. These will be anchored within your heart here today.

These transmissions will be occurring during the processes, during our conversations, and even in the stillness as you reflect together as a group about the new kind of world you want to live in from today. When you join us for these events, you may do so from your living room or physically gathered with the group on site.

Your joined energies, prayers and intentions are very potent. This group energy is a vital healing remedy for your troubled world. Trust this.

As a result of what you and others across the world are doing now, a momentum for more light-filled energies can now take place. The feminine principles of caring and receptivity, long overshadowed on the planet by ego-based power structures, can blossom once again. People will remember how to connect with their hearts and their intuition.

These reconnections–symbolizing a return to a honoring of the Divine feminine–are necessary for your enlightenment.

Remembering Why You Came

Over the coming weeks, as the higher frequency energies anchored today move within you and throughout the planet, a new sense of balance can be experienced.

As you connect with the new energies, you can remember more about why you came to Earth now. This remembrance can come as a feeling within your heart, or simply an expanded knowing that there indeed is a Divine purpose for your life. As you connect with that, you will have access to a new template for how you manifest in your life.

Know that you live at the edge of a historic metamorphosis on Earth that will allow the Divine feminine to return in active expression. It is not easy to bring this about, for those at the helm of old paradigm structures are holding on tight. They do not want change–not because they really know that their power mongering methods are better—but because they don’t have your vision.

Hold tight, then, to your light-filled vision. Trust it. And trust in the power of spirit in your life to help you manifest that vision fully.

A Brand New World

You now stand at the edge of a brand new world. Your aware self is very enthusiastic about this place you are in, and even excited about the unknown elements. This wise part of you trusts in the Divine perfection of the creative process, and it trusts in your ability as the Divine Changemaker that you are.

When you have moments of uneasiness or doubt in the days ahead, remember to resource this wise part of you. You can access it with your heart. It is never separated from you. Know that. Reach out to the others in your light worker community, too. These people are a part of your light worker team. You are not meant to take this journey alone.

Remember, when you have doubts, that your being on Earth now is not a random circumstance. You as a soul were determined to take part in the greatest shift of ages humankind has ever known. You could have been elsewhere during these auspicious moments, yet you chose to be here now.

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

Copyright 2010 by Selacia, Channel for The Council of 12 * All Rights Reserved

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