Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn
30 July 2010

Beloved Family of Light, the month of July 2010 will continue to offer powerful energies and many opportunities to make new choices that will align with the powerful new Cycle of Energies that will commence on the 26th of July.

Since the Grand Cross Alignment of June, you have been in a “window of opportunity” where you are given the chance to use the powerful incoming Diamond Light Energy to illuminate any patterns of illusion and deception that remain in your life. As you release these old patterns on deep levels of your being, you create space and release energy for more creative possibilities in your present and future.

On the 11th of July you will experience a Total Solar Eclipse that will mark the completion of this period of opportunity, easing the pressure that many of you may be feeling right now. But, we may say that this will be a powerful Eclipse, visible over the Pacific Ocean, Easter Island, Chile and Patagonia in Argentina.

An Eclipse is a moment when the Planetary Collective accepts a “shift” that we may compare to rebooting a computer. The switchover to new information in New Light Codes requires these Eclipse Transitions for Balance and Harmony to be reset. In this case, the Codes that will be reset are in the domain of the Oceans of the Planet. The Pacific is the Largest Ocean on the Planet, and it will receive the new Light Codes for Water that will be taken into the Oceanic Grids and transmitted by the Cetaceans who are the Oceanic Light Code Keepers.

This is a huge moment of Transformation for the Earth, that we will call the “Oceanic Harmonic Integration”. These New Light Codes will activate the Crystalline Fifth Dimensional Heart grids already in operation on the Planet and also known as the Sacred Rose Cosmic Grids. With this new Oceanic activation, the Planet’s bodies of water will align with the Grids and be integrated into the New Earth Template under the guidance and protection of the Cetaceans.

This will mean that the Oceans will become Fifth Dimensional Sovreign Space, and will no longer tolerate the destruction and degradation of human greed and exploitation. The powerful partnership of Human Lightworkers and Cetaceans will be the New Keepers and Creative Dreamers of the Oceans and the Continents together – as One.

In this Eclipse, the activation of Easter Island will re-activate deep Oceanic energies that have been held there by the ancient Elders of the Planet. These are the Ancestors, including the Dragons, who have long since gone into the Light of the Higher Dimensions, but who have left these Energy Codes to be released when Humanity was raised to Higher Levels of Consciousness. A goal of this activation is the deep remembrance of Ancient Creative Partnerships with the Oceanic Beings of Light that will begin to resurface in your Collective Deep Consciousness at this time. Many of you will dream of the Oceans and make contact with the Cetaceans and the Beings of the Sea. The Ancient Archetypes and Energies will arise to be integrated into the incoming Cosmic energies of Ascension and Transformation. The result will be a powerful Creative Partnership for the Creation of the New Earth and the Cleansing and Nurturing of the Oceans.

Beloved Ones, this is a Powerful moment of Joy and Celebration. You are “Coming of Age” as Keepers and Guardians of the Planet. The Recent activations of many powerful Earth Keeper Crystals on the Planet will serve as Magnetic Relay Transmitters for these new energetic Codes of Light. You will be able to access these new Grids through Meditation, Ceremony and Sound.

We ask you to participate in this process with Gratitude and Perseverance for what is happening and what is being entrusted to you as Guardians of the New Earth Reality. It is your responsibility, those of you who feel so called, to Dream not only a “New Heaven and a New Earth”, but a “New Ocean” as well, in partnership with the Cetaceans and the Elementals.

Then, Beloved Family of Light, the Human Collective of Conscious Earth Keepers will combine their energies together on the 17th and 18th of July to create and event that is called “Conscious Convergence”. At this time, there will be an effort to integrate and focus intention on the Fifth Dimensional Sacred Heart Grids. As this comes shortly after the Oceanic Harmonic Integration, you can begin to see what a powerful opportunity this will be for a combined intention to lift the Earth into the Fifth Dimension of Unity Consciousness. If you were to integrate and align also with the Oceanic Harmonic Consciousness, as represented by the Cetacean Family of Light and the Elementals, among others, you would indeed be in a place of “Conscious Convergence” for ther Highest Good of the Planet Earth at this time.

After this, the next High Point will be the Full Moon in Aquarius and the Planetary “New Year” and the Opening of the Lion’s Gate on the 26th of July. This is the moment when the Earth shifts to her next cycle of Creative Experience and New Themes and Ideas are introduced on the Waves of Creative Impulse that emanate from the Cosmic Heart and the Dreams of the Creative Source. And so, the Planet begins at this point to receive those Cosmic impulses that will align its energies with the Heart of All That Is in the Present Moment.

The Lion’s Gate, from the 26th of July to the 12th of August, is a period when these new Evolutionary Energies or Codes are most strongly received. At this time, it is good to be open to the influx of energies and ideas that will shape the next cycle of experience on Earth. These energies will culminate at the 10/10/10 Stargate on the 10th of October. We would share with you also, Beloved Ones, a little of what is represented at this “stargate of consciousness” and its connection with the 11/11/11 in 20112 and the 12/12/12 in 2012.

Each of the “Stargates” represents a moment when a Quantum shift or Leap is possible on the Inner as well as the Outer levels of Experience. Each of these dates represents a moment when it is possible for the Earth and Consciousness to make those major shifts that will align the Planet with her Cosmic Destiny at the final “Rainbow Bridge” of 12/12/2012. After this point, the Earth will be fully aligned and synchronized with a new form of Time/Space Reality, for on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge lies another Reality and another way of shaping that which you know as Time and Space. So these three moments are the key “calibration” points when the Earth aligns with the frequencies that will shift consciousness into this New Time/Space realm of Creative Experience.

Indeed, Beloved Family, it is as though you stand now at the foor of the staircase, waiting to begin that climb, together as One. This is a journey of experience that can only be taken as One, as a United Consciousness. It is not individuals who will rise in the Field of Light Frequencies, but the Whole Earth, for that is what you agreed to when you came to the Earth in this lifetime. The Miraculous Intention of Ascending an entire Planet and All Who Live on Her into the Fifth Dimension of Light!

Indeed, a Creative Challenge, and one which you are all now in the process of awakening into. Indeed, we here in the Angelic Realms of Light are filled with Joy as we see that you are right on schedule for the first major stargate on the 10th of October. Beloveds, it is Love and Connection that will lift you through these gates, together as One. It is only by working for the Higher Good of the Collective Consciousness that you will find your own Higher Good in this New Energy of Transformation and Shift.

Beyond Illusion and into Grace Beloved Ones, at this time we would speak a little about the present shifts in perception that you face as you embrace the Diamond Light and allow youtselves to release illusions and center yourselves in your personal truth.

We know that you have come to understand the nature of quantum reality and the illusionary basis of all reality in a Holographic Universe or Multiverse.Yet, there are choices to be made as to whether a particular illusion has validity in your Personal Reality Creation or that of the Collective as we move forward into the Higher Dimensions.

There are times, Beloveds, when illusion can become delusion, as you move away from your center to embrace the prepackaged ideas and illusions of others. The Diamond Light will assist you to see where you may be doing this.

In Planetary or Collective terms, this is done when you allow yourselves to be manipulated by the media. Your media serves to manipulate emotions on the lower frequencies of fear and anger in order to create illusions of lack and insecurity and hostility that become “reality” and prevent Humanity from experiencing the truth of their interconnection and unity, and from expressing that as Harmony. And so, often many of you respond to Planetary crises on the lower frequencies of anger and fear and so create separation, rather than rising to the Heart frequency and creating Unity and Creative Solutions.

On the Personal level, moving beyond illusions means being able to distinguish between lower frequency emotional patterns that create fear and anger and manipulation, and the Higher Dimensional impulses from the Higher Self that produce creative solutions and interpersonal harmony and creativity. This means also, dear ones, to be able to see and feel when you are not living your life with Passion, Integrity, and Commitment, and when you have alloweed yourself to fall into delusions and the pre-packaged ideas of others.

Personal Truth and Integrity are the result of the Alignment and Harmonization of the all the levels of your Being – Body, Soul and Spirit. When these aspects of Self are not aligned, there is inner chaos and inner fragmentation that often produces apathy, detachment and depression, as well a tendency to fall into delusions. However, when these aspects align, the Higher aspects fill the lower aspects with the fiery passion of Spirit and the creative power is intensified and magnified many times. The flow of energy releases powerful creative potential that in turn creates powerful personal manifestation on the Earth plane.

This state of alignment of which we speak, is also known as the “state of Grace”. When you are in this alignment, the flow of Divine Love and Cosmic Fire moves freely from Heaven to Earth, and you become the conduit for Manifestation and Miracles according to the unfolding blessings of Divine Grace.

The state of Grace is achieved when all delusions are released and you live in absolute integrity with the impulses from Spirit and the Higher Self. In accepting this level of Self as the Creative Source of Life, the Lower Levels are aligned as receptacles for Divine Love and Grace and Bliss. But, this energy is Creative and Expressive and seeks to be shared in relationships, connections, projects, creations and dreams! Once it begins to flow, it must be shared creatively or it will “blow” some of your new Light Body wiring. The wiring is designed for Connection and Collective experience, as you become aware that in the Fifth Dimensional New Earth, the “I” is only in a state of Grace when connected to a “We” as a Creative Partner and a Dynamic Source of Light and Love!

We wish you Joy and Adventure in the New Consciousness!

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