Crop Circle – Danebury Hill, nr Nether Wallop. Hampshire. Reported 6th July 2010


Six: Our Rubik’s Cube

This is the manifestation of our Christ’s consciousness. We have finally created the foundation of Metatron’s Cube by the earlier activation of the sacred feminine energy at the centre (the Eve’s grid). In the CC at St. Martin’s, our 5th chakra (5 pointed star) was activated allowing this cube to commence. The 5th chakra is the centre of communication & creativity. This in turn has brought us to our “cube”, the foundation of our future.  The 6th chakra is the centre for higher thinking & connectivity through the intuitive processes: Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Clairaudience & Clairsentience. This is our connection with the universe & understanding of its knowledge. What we think collectively is what we create & experience within the cube, with its many corners to explore. We can go here, knowing that we are in full harmonic balance with the universe, our yin/yang, masculine & feminine in place to lead us through. We have been prepared to go beyond 3D & beyond time constraints to the future dimensions.

I love the diagrams & art. Can anyone actually animate it as a Rubik’s cube?

more information:

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