Message from Mother Gaia ~ Updates and Upgrades 2010

Pepper Lewis

Can you give us an update on how the earth is doing right now and how you feel?
Can you tell us more about the oil spill in the gulf and how the ecosystems are faring there?

The physical earth is doing very well, generally speaking. This answer may surprise some, but the earth (like you) is a multi-layered organic system of awareness. Each intricate, well-organized member is part of a larger set and also whole and perfect on its own. My sentience does not lend itself to thoughts of illness or difficulty, though it does recognize essential moments when the restoration of life becomes paramount. The earth (like you) is able to draw to itself things and thoughts, be they physical or non-physical in origin. My body is able to harness great power and to direct it in ways that are purposeful, which may or may not be gentle where humanity is concerned. The earth is a living library, a conservatory of arts and sciences; one day in the distant future it may become a museum, but not yet!

The earth is able to restore its multi-layered systems and to make things well, but it is not able to put things back exactly as they were. The face of the earth (like yours) is scarred in some places. Beneath the scars there is evidence of offense or impact, the remains of an invasion by an assailant or intruder. The earth does not automatically defend its systems or its species, leaving perfection to define itself against an imperfect background where life continues to thrive in almost any environment. Almost every sentient planet practices this hands-off approach, and those within this solar system are no exception. Can you imagine the large-scale invasion of elements and forces that formed the Grand Canyon? Would it have been better to thwart these in advance of the onslaught? On the other hand, my sentience drew to its body the catastrophe that forced the dinosaurs to perish or evolve as nature would allow, because too many of the earth’s systems and elements had been breached or otherwise compromised. The best explanation is that the earth will not act to save itself but will act to save the whole for itself.

Although humanity refers to all sources of oil as fossil fuels, that is not entirely true. The most common crude oil and that which is most easily extracted from the earth is hundreds of thousands of years old. It consists mainly of the remains of extinct marine plants and animals that lay on the bottom of oceans, riverbeds, swaps and lakes for a very long time. Eventually, they were ‘folded’ under the earth’s crust and sandwiched between layers of sand and other material. Heat, pressure and time gradually turned this into both oil and gas where it existed undisturbed for long periods of time. The theory that suggests that dinosaurs played a part in the process is also correct, but in fewer quantities than geologists theorize.

Over time more sediment accumulated, which increased the heat and built up more pressure. This in turn transforms some of the material into a dark organic substance called kerogen. Kerogen is a mixture of various chemical compounds that makes up a portion of the organic matter found in sedimentary rocks. Most of it is insoluble, except for a small amount, which when heated releases crude oil or natural gas (depending upon how fast the source rock is heated). Both crude oil and natural gas are considered fossil fuels.

Fossil fuels are biogenic, in the case of petroleum this means that it is formed from dead organic matter. A different kind of oil that is also natural to the earth is found at far deeper levels. This abiogenic oil is the result of deep carbon deposits. Some of these were present as the earth was forming and more was added as collisions with large asteroids occurred over time. This kind of petroleum exists in deep pools within the earth’s mantle and can seep upward according to the needs of the planet. Other planets and moons (not all) also have similar carbon deposits and would make good sources for petroleum, but these would not be commercially profitable, at least not at this time. For the sake of this discussion it is important to note that the earth has plenty of oil, even if some of it is inaccessible. The same is true of water and other resources.

The earth, as was said in previous conversations has entered one of several magnification zones, which allows its affected ecosystems to place themselves in first position, above man’s needs so to speak. Magnification zones overlap and are overseen by forces of nature that are less common and rarely seen. For instance, the fact that much of the oil that was spilled cannot be seen on the surface at this time is part of this very process. Lakes that empty without notice would fall under this category as would rogue waves and other natural, but rarely seen phenomena.

Under special or unusual circumstances ecosystems can function independently, linking their biological resources to kingdoms and elements that would not typically be associated with them. That is underway now. The obvious, or that which is captured by the lens of a camera and the lens of the eye is only the surface effect. Real work often takes place underneath and beyond this realm, in ways that have less to do with cause and effect and more to do with the inherent desire of all things to live and to realize their potential. The seas have strong and powerful forces at their disposal and they are being summoned and harnessed even now. Some areas will be sacrificed and some species too, but the greater good will be served, now as always.

At the end as well as the beginning of each age there are lessons. Like loose ends they fray quickly, exposing the raw (crude) material that requires refining. Humanity has reached the outer marker of the end of this age now, other markers are near and most of them are inevitable. They are signposts that can be ignored or overlooked and every age has them. Signposts are also in places that indicate a new beginning is near. These have not been triggered yet, but they will, as they too, are inevitable. The physical earth and the sentience that guides it are aware and in wait of this time. The formula, while not routine, is a timeless one and follows an unwritten plan even as the planets follow each other around the sun.

Gaia does not fault those who drill for oil, even deeply or with little thought to the further effects of their actions. They do so with the blessing and permission of their time. They have been empowered to perform these tasks, and directly or indirectly they perform them on your behalf as well as for their own gain. The world does need every drop of oil, but it still believes that it does. In all likelihood, it will not look elsewhere until the new age is well underway, even when (not if) other spills spoils their plan. Remember that oil and gas are both one, different in some respects but born of the same mother. Sometimes, at great cost and accompanied by pain of a certain order, a son must wound its mother in order to grow into adult and away from its childlike need to hold its mother’s skirts. A mother will bear this pain even as she bears the pains associated with childbirth, they are an important and necessary part of the process, at least in worlds where the density of the third dimension is the ruling principle and the active law. The planets and their moons follow a similar ritual, your mythology speaks to this and more.

The earth’s crust, responding to messages from within, is shifting its stance. Understand that all of the elements have a variety of ways in which they can express themselves. For instance, water is also vapor and air is also gas. Where earth is concerned, it can be hard or soft, granite or mud. For the time being, and to facilitate and midwife this evolutional cycle, it is necessary for the earth to become softer, even fluid-like. The benefit is in the need to absorb and to fold, layer by layer, a more perfect and necessary combination of elements for the present cycle. A more fluid crust will allow the earth to absorb the impurities of this age and to transmute them in subtle ways, but with great heat and pressure as the earth is engineered to do. A softer crust will also encourage earthquakes of lesser magnitude, as opposed to those that could crumble and crack even great landmasses.

An unfortunate effect of a softer earth is that the element of water must play a larger role, encouraging the downfall of more rain even on areas that can bear no more saturation. Water must seep into every pore, rivers must overrun their banks, mud must soften every bank and permeate the harder earth below, glacier water must mix with that of the sea, and the giant currents must make their impact known as well. The other elements such as fire know this and must complement the task at hand with their own contribution, thus fire leaves ash and a soft earth beneath it for rain and other water to saturate and drown.

As you watch the elements behave in strange and different ways it may occur to you that the earth is angry, sad or frustrated with humanity. This is not the case, yet even as these words are shouted and echoed you will think so still. Remember that knowing the pivotal moment when change is both appropriate, necessary and imminent is a gift of wisdom. Having the courage to follow the demands of an inner knowing, however difficult or challenging is a privilege and makes the moment that much more vital and potent. Your lives and the decisions that you are being asked to make at this time are no exception. At times more difficult than those of an average life, the impact and influence of this life will have long-lasting effects and you will look to them in ways that you cannot yet imagine.

The world will recover from the oil spill in the gulf, and it will recover from the next set of challenges that will soon step onto the world stage. Note the resilience rather than the resistance as the earth reemerges from this and other situations. The earth is not passive or aggressive; it is progressive, following the course of the mighty river even into the smallest rivulets where it might become trapped in restful, but cumbersome eddies that all too quickly become prisons rather than respites. Is it better to become buffeted by the banks and dashed against the white water of the rocks? Yes, sometimes yes! The river follows a natural course and forges a new one when necessary. Can you do the same?

The earth is well and wellness. It is under the watchful eye of those who oversee the evolution of life and who guide it from level to dimension, and vibration to higher frequency. The same process guides your own timing and you will see the elements in your life rearranging themselves to suit a higher purpose and to develop you in natural and uplifting ways. Do not fear life because it presents itself to you in a different order than you are accustomed to. Prepare to meet challenges in new and creative ways that illuminate who you are and what you have learned along the way.

©2007 Pepper Lewis and The Peaceful Planet

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