UFO High Flyers – October 10, 2010 a/k/a FASTWALKERS

(TNS) High-Speed Strobing UFO, Amazing! 9-11-10

(Recorded by William Roehling in La Selva Beach California.9-11-10)Click Here!
An Orb-UFO Sitting in the Sky Mimicking a Star(False Star UFO) Bolts as if it were Shot out of a Cannon just as i look at it while following another UFO with my Gen3 Night Vision Video Setup, it starts strobing me as i greet it with praise and delight, it flies beyond my sight and vision, i run out into the street and catch it as it disappears into the early mornig light! Part #3. of the “Early(5:30a) Morning Orb-UFO Activity!” Series…….
Please read my “Story” on the back page of my YouTube Channel, it will help explain the reason”i do what i do” while recording my Paranormal Experiences!
(TNS)”They’re Not Satellites”!!! Peace…..

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