Ben Fulford, August 9, 2011…”The phoenix will arise from the ashes of the old world order”

“This is one of those rare moments in history where the actions of a few horsemen, and their mates, determines history for thousands of years. The horsemen in question are dealing with bonds and financial instruments issued by empires and governments and yet controlled by a few individuals. “The result of this debate will mean a change of the public story, or His Story (and Her Story). The people in charge of the plot, the people who wrote the story of 911, the invasion of Iraq, the “war on terrorism” etc, are being replaced.

“This is one of those moments in mass psychology where the herd of sheep decides to change direction; only in this case we are dealing with the herd of human sheep and the direction of the planet earth.”


  • For Standard & Poors to downgrade US debt… is a public admission of defeat.
  • The full consequences of this change will continue to unfold for months and years to come until a new age in the history of the planet begins. There is no going back now.
  • They [the cabal] are being offered a chance to keep their wealth and privileges in exchange for freeing their subjects. The wise and powerful amongst them have already agreed.
  • Over the next several weeks and months, we will witness the continuing collapse of the criminal cabal that has ruled the planet.
  • At a certain point, when the elite that currently rules the planet realizes they are about to be hung from the nearest lamp-pole, they will cast aside their arrogance and ask for help. When that happens, the White Dragon Society will be ready to step in.
  • …in the coming weeks a series of high-level meetings have been arranged, and have already begun… what used to be dismissed as conspiracy theory will simply be seen as yesterday’s news… Please be patient though.


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