Aqua Cosmos

Estas Tonne ~ Improvisation

3rd part of a trilogy about Water. A tribute to Neptune/Poseidon, creator of the element Water basis of all physical life on Earth.

Purifying waters means also purifying our emotions, individually and collectively. Our emotions are triggered by our thoughts and beliefs (which are thoughts we maintain) and create disorders in our body and environment, humans, plants, animals. Our body is the part of us that evacuates them ..

So it is essential to master our thoughts that are our children before they go and wander into the ouside world after having affected our own aura, our inner rivers as the outside rivers and oceans… And we will also be one day the future generation that will have to clean everything … RESPECT LIFE in all its forms, it is sacred and is not a commodity for sale. It was only lent to us and we are the guardians of it and it is time to take the responsibility of our creations and become aware of how deeply our creation, conscious as unconscious affect all the rest… and not only humans. All we do, we do it to ourselves.

Video by McBesse filmed in Austria
Oceanic footage by Aquaspien in Indonesia
Cover photo: Axel Hebenstreit
Music by Estas Tonne

1st video of the Water trilogy :
Aquatic Vibrations :
2nd : Furious Waters :


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