The Universal Divine Blueprint and our Galactic Her-story with the Mayan Calendar by Elizabeth Trutwin 20 August 2010

It has been proven by the Aboriginal Moabite Nation that we are all descendants of the daughters of Moab. The prefix AB is indicative of the Aramaic word for Father, who is Ra and Original meaning from the Stars. We are all Children of Ra and Great Mother Zudiakus, from the Stars. We are Galactic Star Seeds on Earth. The Aboriginal Moabite Nation goes back to Pangea, before the Continents of Earth separated.
The separation of the Continents occurred as a result of nuclear holocaust at Soddom and over the Dead Sea. The sole survivors after the holocaust are descendants of the daughters of Moab. We are all on Earth Moabites. One Land, One People.

The Aboriginal Moabite Nation does not use the Gregorian Calendar to mark its days, it relies on the Mayan Calendar. The reason for this is the Gregorian Calendar and mechanical clock marking time hold us to Timelines which bring Earth to destruction through biospheric collapse. As we reject the Gregorian Calendar of false time, 12:60 (twelve months, 60 minutes) and adopt the perfect instrument of natural time 13:20 (13 months, 20 days) the thirteen moon/28 -day Mayan Calendar, then Humanity will survive on the new Timeline at Zero Point.

To understand the her-story/history of the Aboriginal Moabite Nation we must explore our Galactic Her-story. We are all human Galactics. As we look back at the her-story of the Galactics on Earth, we see the Hindu/Buddhists, Aztecs, Tibetian Monks and Mayans formed a Spiritual World Culture of Oneness. India was once ruled by the Americas. In our Galactic Her-story we have the Family of the Kumaras from Venus. The four Holy Kumaras of Catursana are the four sons of Brahma from the Puranic texts of Hinduism who are Sanaka, (who incarnated as Quetzacoatl) Sanatana, Sananda, (who incarnated as Jeshua or Jesus) and Sanat (also known as The Ancient of Days). Another one of the Kumaras we speak of often is Ashtar. Lord Ashtar is Supreme Commander of the Galactic Federation. Lord Ashtar’s One Earth Incarnation was as Pacal Votan.

Pacal Votan wrote the Divine Book of the Toltecs which is also known as the Popol Vuh.

As the Kalki Maitreya returns to Earth at the Day of Emergence it is the Kumaras Return. In the holy book the Brahma-Vaivarta Purana Lord Krishna tells that a Golden Age will come in the Kali Yuga time period. The Hindus beginning of the Kali Yuga and the Mayans beginning of the Fifth Great Cycle are intrinsically close, within about 10 years, though they were prophesied 1000’s of years ago. The reason for the discrepancy of plus or minus a few years has to do with the human factor of thought joining with Consciousness and the potential for speeding up time. This has occurred and we are now presently in 2012. In the Alchemy of Time we have come to the Golden Age of Earth when the evolution of Consciousness has moved beyond the Physical experience into the Etheric.

Lord Ashtar, in his only Earth incarnation, known as Pacal Votan, wrote the Ancient Mayan Popol Vuh which was a continuation of the ancient Hindu text. The Popol Vuh, is also known as THE BOOK OF MAAT. Pacal Votan, who was intimately linked and informed by the Galaxy, is known as saying:

All is Number.
God is A Number.
God is In All.

The Mayan Calendar begins in the year 3114 BC, the EXACT year the Mahabharata War in India ended. The chief architect of India’s Vedic Empire, and his clan were known as the Mayans. The Mayan Calendar of 13 moon cycles and 20 solar seals are related directly to the Divine Blueprint as seen in the Sephira, also known as the Tree of Life. The Sephira is explained in the Kabbalah and the Tarot portrays it. From the Mayan Calendar we find the Harmonic Module. This is a representation of the Tree of Life, the Sephira, as played out in Cosmology. As we learn the Mayan Calendar, we learn the names of the 13 months and the names of the 20 days, not 7 days, 20 days, we return to Natural Time.

The Harmonic Module is the name of the Divine Blueprint as expressed in the Cosmos. The Harmonic Module, which is the basis of the Mayan Calendar is an expression of the Hermetic Principle of Vibration and how all manifest creation moves in relationship to each other, in this case, the Cosmos.

The Harmonic Module is based on the Tetragrammaton which is formulas of light and sound. The Harmonic outgrowth of every branch in the Tree of Life becomes 10. The exponential progression of the Sephoric Tree is called the Macroscopic Snowflake.

Everything in Creation has its basis in this. Ancient Kemetic Priests had a coded language for this and trained in the ancient Temples. They are also the Star Configurations in the Sky. This is known as the Language of Fire. The Phoenix Bird of the Aboriginal Moabite Nation is an ancient sacred fire bird. The Sephiroth is the Geometric Template of the Universal Existence from the Sun. There are 10 spheres of intelligence and on the Tree of Life 10 spheres of fruit. This takes us to the natural calendar of the 13:20 harmonic.

We are taught in Judeo-Christian teachings “In the beginning was the Word.” John (1:1)
All that is formed and all that is spoken emanated from a single name. This name is known as the Tetragrammaton which is the basis of the Fire Letters and Key Codes of Creation. This is the Hermetic Principle of Mentalism. The basic life force in the Universe is mental and all external reality is based on an idea or concept with the introduction of Consciousness.

The Sephira is traditionally shown as 10, there are twelve Sephira, not 10. This meaning has been hidden from us in recent history. The Her-story shows the two missing Sephira are the Great Mother Sekhmet and the Father Ra. This is the secret to Manifestation and Formation.

The Fire Letters and Keycodes are a Light Code Transmission we see coded into our DNA as the Divine Blue Print is expressed in the Human Body. The Universal Divine Blueprint is the Sephira. The Galactic Divine Blueprint is the Harmonic Module expressed as the Mayan Calendar. The Human Divine Blueprint is the encoded as DNA. A medical pre-cursor to DNA, with a non-specific property, not yet DNA, has been termed by scientists as Cosmids, Plasmids and Fullerenes.

This is the dark matter of DNA and it is also known as melanin. Melanin is the gold dust as produced and stored in the pineal and pituitary glands of our brains.

It is circulated through the body by the lymphatic system. It also, through an uptake system from the lymphatic system, to the skin cells, reflects as our complexion. Those humans whose DNA was altered by the Grand Experiment of the Galactics called Annunaki, have less ability to uptake Melanin into the skins cells and the reflect a lighter complexion. The darker the complexion, the more melanin has been taken up into the skin cells.

As we raise in Consciousness, we increase our stores of melanin in the brain. Melanin can also be increased by sun gazing, a certain diet, and taking Cosmic Rays in through the crown chakkra during meditation.

We are now in the Golden Age where our Collective Consciousness raises past understanding the Physical into understanding the Etheric Realms of Creation.

When the Aboriginal Moabite Nation uses the natural time 13:20, based on the Divine Blueprint, it merges all the Spiritual Cultures together based in their Galactic origins.
Ab-original, Original Creation of the Father, who is Ra.

Reviewing the layout of the city Teotihucan in the Americas, we see the blueprint of this City is the Star Pattern for the Pleiadies and the Orion Belt.

This is also the pattern for the Khemetic Priest Tehuti/Thoth. We all originate from The Stars. This reflects the importance of the Aboriginal Moabite Nation transitioning to the Galactic Mayan Calendar.

by Elizabeth Trutwin 20 August 2010

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3 Responses to The Universal Divine Blueprint and our Galactic Her-story with the Mayan Calendar by Elizabeth Trutwin 20 August 2010

  1. Om píše:

    Hello, you say at one point: “India was once ruled by the Americas.” Actually it should read just the opposite—-“The Americas were once ruled by India”

  2. Premiere Jones píše:

    thank you

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