THE END- Arch Angel Uriel

By AA Uriel thru Hazel
Nov 21, 2010 – 6:16:36 AM
THE END- Arch Angel Uriel

That which has been promised is fulfilled. Fulfilment originates in the spirit and that has been accomplished. The moments shall now begin to turn into reality as events brandish your world that will leave indelible prints in its long and colorful history. The thermometer is now set at its highest and the heat will be experienced by many on your earth plane. For it is through this heat that the well needed cleansing shall in earnest begin.

The cycle peaks now and the pinnacle is conspicuous. As you take these last few steps on what has been an uphill climb with the end in sight, you will know that with every end, new beginning dawns. Let your end signal the rewards of a new tomorrow. We near the pinnacle of completion and at the peak of the mountain of this life rests a new ambience, a crater of goodness already present and waiting to be released in a fresh flow of energy that will cradle your new world.

Count the joys of today for those of tomorrow will be greater. Know thyselves today for the uncovering of tomorrow shall bring wealth of certainty and you shall be reminded of aspects of thee that you long thought forgotten. For it is in the reminding that you shall reflect with deeper vision and begin to envisage the reality of your new day after the end of the old. If you can listen with intent on that day you shall hear the applause from above as we welcome you to new abode and new vibration.

I have before this time requested that you say your good byes. Do not leave for tomorrow what you must do today for time shall creep upon you as a lion to its prey. Before you are aware, you shall be in new pastures. Shed unwanted aspects of thee in readiness now. We are most present with thee at this time of great awakening. Close the doors beloveds, ensure that not even a peephole remains for now there must be no looking back. Regrets are yesteryear, hope bides its time to manifest within the glorious vision of tomorrow. Let your space rejoice in that joy. Know that for all, wherever some may go, new beginnings will be had, new opportunities present and a journey to continue in different energies. None shall die; there will only be a re establishment that all may be given fair chance to ascend. Be glad that the Mother shall return to the spice of her origin. The end bespeaks a time of great rejoicing.

The promise of the resurrection is being fulfilled before you now. Be vigilant. Join your hearts together to welcome the bright new tomorrow and give thanks to all that has passed for it has brought you to this point in your incarnation. Thank all who and which have contributed to your growth to date; for a new sequence is to begin wherein you shall utilize all you have learnt to take you forward in tune with higher resolve.

This is the END beloveds. The clock is short a few seconds of stopping. Prepare yourselves now. Go within and ensure that YOU are attired in your best wear, so that you glow with divine radiance. Prepare to give your best to others and let your mood delight in all that is spiritual. For this is your homecoming. Listen out as the celestial music begins that you may be ready to participate in the first dance of this your ascension parade.

Our Father, You who have dwelt within us in this incarnation, we give Thee thanks for Your perpetual presence and the continuous guidance of Your Light within, even in those times when we could not see or know. How we bless this our experience acknowledging that where we are now is a credit to the extent that we allowed you to manifest within and through our lives. We glorify in the sanctuary of our inner light as we take these last steps that will gain us entry into our new world. Be with us even and ever more that our inner awareness may assume a greater dimension of knowing and purpose as we transcend and transition into new grounds that will earn us and offer us opportunities to further bridge the divide between physical and spiritual. As we bid goodbye, we do so in love and gratitude and we look forward to creating spiritual sentiments going forward, that which last eternally.

I am Uriel come to redefine what the end means and to remind you that this promise is upon you now. Rejoice.

Uriel come in the light of Aton.

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©2005-2010 AbundantHope – All rights reserved



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