Lord Metatron – 12:12 Meditation

12:12 Meditation and Questions for Lord Metatron through Beth Trutwin


This is Lord Metatron.

In the moments before Reunions with our Galactic Family, the Tales are Being told. This is having a profound world wide effect on Waking Up Humanity. The Light Quotient is raising Daily in each Soul on Earth.

The 11:11 Meditations laid the way for mass amounts of communications to come forward changing the alchemy of foreign relations, bring us to One Voice for Peace. World Leaders have been seen pondering the Bank of Saint Germain in Press Conferences!

We Will Begin The 12:12 Meditations on December 1st for 12 days. We Will Increase our Efforts Meditating TWICE per day 12:12 amET and 12:12pmET. Many people will make both meditations, some people will make only one per day. This will increase the participation in Time Zones around the World; 11:12am&pm CT, 10:12am&pm MT 9:12am&pm PT, 5:12am&pm GMT. This will culminate the HIGH ENERGIES of the 12:12 Gateway birthing a First Quarter Pisces Moon on 12/13/10.

The Full Moon of November in Taurus, conjunct with Pleiades brought a sweeping away of the Dragons from the final hiding places on Earth. The Full Moon of December brings a total Eclipse of the Moon. This will be a spectacular statement from the Cosmos of Ripeness and Revelation. This is the ideal time to work on Raising Consciousness, Cleaning and Clearing old Patterns and Healing Family Relationships. This will be our Focus each 12:12am&pm ET for this 12 day period for 12 minutes of projecting the New Reality of World PEACE.

As we approach 12:12 it represents a culmination of all your efforts which came before. It is an Initiation into the Higher Realms which you have earned through your long determined efforts of raising the Harmonics of the Earth Grid. Call on me, Metatron, during your Meditations to Effect Profound Healings which are available Simply by Asking.

Join Groups of Friends within your Circle to Meditate Together.

I Invite you to Submit Questions here that are heavy on your heart as we all HEAL NOW.
~Lord Metatron



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